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What to Coins on Tombstones Mean?

Every time I have ever been to a cemetery I have seen coins on tombstones. There are many theories and traditions that explain this practice, but the most interesting one specifically explains what coins mean on tombstones of soldiers.

While the practice of placing coins on soldier's tombstones dates back to Roman times, it was popularized in the United States around the time of the Vietnam war.

Not only is there a meaning behind placing coins in general on tombstones, but each individual denomination has a specific significance.

Placing a penny on a tombstone is a simple act of honor that can be done by anybody. If you visit a fallen soldier's grave you, even as a civilian, can place a penny on the grave out of respect, admiration, and memory.

Placing a nickel, dime or quarter, however, is reserved for the deceased's military comrades.

Placing a nickel implies that you went to boot camp with the deceased, a dime means that you served in combat with the deceased, and a quarter means that you were with the deceased at the time of his or her death.

It's a meaningful tradition that is worth understanding, especially on this Memorial Day week. If you want to learn more, check out the video below!

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