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The Best Small Gold Bullion to Buy

My YouTube handle is "Silverpicker," but that of course does not mean that I don't like gold. I love gold. In fact, I have been focusing more lately on increasing my gold position.

That said, I am very aware that gold is out of many people's reach because of the high price/value. Dropping $2,000 on a single one Troy ounce gold coin is not an easy thing to do. So, if someone like that wants to invest in gold, what do they do? Well, they buy half ounces or quarter ounces or even 1/10th ounces.

But what about going even smaller than that. Is it worth it? What about those 1g bars of gold? What about even less? Well, in this video, I compare 16 different gold products that are 1g or less and tell you what's a good deal and what you should pass. This is not a video to miss!

In this video I compare the following products. Which do you think will be the best?

  1. Gold Chinese Panda 1g

  2. Monarch Precious Metals 1/2g gold bullion rounds

  3. Monarch Precious Metals 1/4g gold bullion rounds

  4. Nadir Gold Bar 0.1g

  5. Karatbar 0.1g

  6. 24k 1 grain bar card

  7. 1 Utah Goldback

  8. 5 Utah Goldbacks

  9. 10 Utah Goldbacks

  10. 25 Utah Goldbacks

  11. 50 Utah Goldbacks

  12. 24k edible gold

  13. Gold flakes from china

  14. Gold Paydirt

  15. 10k Gold Jewelry

  16. 14k Gold wire and beads

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