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Learn to Make Money with Wheat Cents

Everyone who is familiar with my YouTube channel knows that my main focus is with precious metals. Whether I'm buying coins or not, gold and silver are the cornerstones of my business.

Even though I am on the constant hunt for silver coins, I often find myself with the opportunity to purchase other types of coins as well. Typically when I buy a coin collection, for example, I usually buy everything the seller has available, even if they are base metal coins.

The most common one I purchase is the Lincoln wheat cent. Nearly every American coin collector starts their collection on the foundation of wheat pennies so it is no wonder that I have the frequent occasion to buy them.

I typically spend between 1.5 and 3 cents per coin and am able to sell them for 5 cents or more in bulk, effectively at least doubling my money. In terms of profit margin, I actually earn more on wheat cents than I do on silver or gold coins!

Doubling my money on copper is great, but it gets better. But you're gonna have to watch the video above to find out just how much!

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