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Is Buying eBay Mystery Coin Grab Bags Worth it?

If you are a collector of any kind, you have undoubtedly seen lots of these grab bags available on eBay and other such outlets. You know the type of listing. It always is titled something along the lines of, "Huge Estate Lot Mystery Grab Bag! Real Gold and Silver in Every Order!"

For most people, this type of listing always smacks of scam. But even to the seasoned collector, one's curiosity can often get the better of them and make them order one such grab bag.

For those of you who don't know, the idea with these grab bags is that the seller bought a huge lot of coins of varying values and rarities, randomly divided the coins into hundreds of lots, and is selling each lot sight unseen for the same price. In theory, some people will get extremely valuable coins for pennies on the dollar and others will get junk.

In my latest video, I decided to see for myself and share the results with you guys. I take the risk and spend my money on it so you don't have to. I bought two different grab bags for $50 each. See how I made out in the video below!

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