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Can You Profit from a $100 eBay Coin Grab Bag?

A few months ago I purchased a few $50 grab bags from eBay, hoping to take a gamble and have some fun opening up some mystery coins grab bags. I did the same thing shortly thereafter with $75 bags.

Unfortunately, out of the four bags I purchased, only one was any good.

For some reason, however, that has not stopped me from continuing to flush my hard-earned money down the toilet and buying more. Today I raised the bar yet again and purchased a $100 grab bag.

This one had no pictures, not listing of potential coins you could get, nor any good description. It was the perfect mystery.

After buying it, I realized that it was from Russia and was super sketchy. While it's no surprise that the grab bag was not a screaming success, there were a number of very surprising things about it.

Check out the details and judge for yourself whether this $100 grab bag is worth it!

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