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Become a Coin Expert in Just 60 Seconds?

I can teach you everything you need to know about specific coins in 1 minute flat

I already know what you're thinking: it's impossible to become an expert in anything in 60 seconds, let alone something as rich and complex as numismatics. Guess what? You're right. So I use a little hyperbole. Sue me. What I'm really getting at with this series of videos is that you can learn all of the basics about a coin's metal composition, value, and history without investing much time at all.

I illustrate this fact with this series by truly giving you all the basic info about a given coin in just 60 seconds. They are fun videos and a great way to get on the path towards developing an expertise in these coins. As of this post, I have created videos on the Morgan Dollar, Peace Dollar, Kennedy Half, and Mercury Dime. Many more to come!

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